5 Reasons Why We Love Jeuveau®

5 Reasons Why We Love Jeuveau®

Happy New Year from the team at Sublime Aesthetic Professionals in East Grand Forks, Minnesota! If you’re hoping to show off a younger-looking face with fewer fine lines and wrinkles in the new year, our aesthetic providers want to tell you about a revolutionary new injectable: Jeuveau®.

This FDA-approved neurotoxin shares ingredients with the ever-popular Botox®, but with a few key differences that set it apart. In fact, it’s been nicknamed “Newtox” by many happy users. 

Keep reading to learn more about the top five reasons we’re in love with Jeuveau! 

1. We love Jeuveau’s purification process

Like Botox injections and other neurotoxin injectables, Jeuveau uses a toxic chemical to relax the muscles in the treatment area. This means that when you make the facial expressions that trigger wrinkles, your muscles don’t contract as fully.

The result? Your skin moves less, as well, so wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed away, giving you a more youthful appearance. 

The main difference between Botox and Jeuveau is that Jeuveau uses a slightly different formula that goes through a different purification process. This process, called “Hi Pure” by the manufacturer, ensures the best quality injectable. 

In addition, instead of freeze drying the product, like other neurotoxic manufacturers, Jeuveau is vacuum-dried. This process results in a more potent product, which means most people require fewer injections for the same result.

2. Jeuveau is fast and easy with lasting results

We love that Jeuveau injections only take 15-20 minutes to get, depending on the number of injections you need. You’ll see noticeable, full results after only seven days, and you can expect these results to last for up to four months. 

3. Jeuveau is a low-risk treatment

One of the best things about Jeuveau is that it’s a low-risk treatment. During the drug’s clinical trials, no serious adverse side effects were reported. When they do occur, side effects are mild (e.g., bruising at injection site, mild swelling) and resolve quickly. 

4. Jeuveau is FDA-approved

After careful study and clinical trials, Jeuveau received FDA approval in 2019 to treat glabellar lines—those pesky lines that appear between your forehead and eyebrows or nose. These lines can intersect your frown lines, making them stand out more.

Depending on your skin tone, genetics, the facial expressions you make, and the shape of your face, these “furrows” can stand out and age your face, adding years to your appearance. Jeuveau can smooth them away and restore a more youthful appearance. 

5. Jeuveau can stop deeper wrinkles from forming

Thanks to the latest medical research, we know neurotoxins like Jeuveau are effective at doing more than smoothing away existing lines. Regular injections can actually stop deeper lines and wrinkles from forming, keeping your face looking younger, longer! 

To stop these lines and wrinkles from getting worse or forming in the first place, you need to schedule regular Jeuveau injections when these signs of aging begin to appear. Your Sublime Aesthetic Professionals provider can help create a schedule that meets your needs.

Ready to learn more about Jeuveau and why we’re crazy for this new injectable? Schedule a consultation online or over the phone at Sublime Aesthetic Professionals in East Grand Forks today. 

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