Help! My Teeth Are Yellow

If you’re unhappy with the shade of your teeth, you aren’t alone. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reports the number one thing people want to improve about their smile is the color of their teeth, and about 90% of patients surveyed by the American Association of Orthodontists report requesting tooth whitening.

At Sublime Aesthetic Professionals, our care providers offer Liquid Smile® professional teeth whitening to patients in the East Grand Forks, Minnesota, area looking for professional whitening results from the comfort of their own home. 

Take a moment to learn more about whitening your teeth and how Liquid Smile can help!

Why are my teeth yellow?

Your teeth are porous, so over time, the pigments from different foods and beverages seep into the pores and cause staining. Tobacco use speeds up the yellowing process and can cause even more staining.

The foods and beverages most commonly linked to dental staining and yellow teeth include: 

How can Liquid Smile help?

The Liquid Smile professional whitening pen is an at-home whitening solution that’s simple to use and doesn’t require any strips, trays, or hassle. This professional-grade formula contains the most powerful dose of hydrogen peroxide (12%) compared to any other paint-on whitener. 

To use Liquid Smile, paint on the whitening gel at night before bedtime. Let the gel dry on your teeth, then go to sleep as usual. It takes less than one minute to apply and dries in 30 seconds, but the whitening gel works all night to give you a bright, white smile! 

Most of our patients will see results after only a few applications, but some report seeing noticeable differences after the first night of using Liquid Smile. Plan to use the Liquid Smile solution every night for two weeks, and expect your results to last for between six to nine months.*

Are there ways to extend the results of my teeth whitening?

All dental whitening, both at-home and in-office treatments, eventually requires touch-up treatments. Help make your teeth-whitening results last longer by following these tips:

Remember, since your teeth are porous, they’ll continue to yellow over time. The simple-to-use Liquid Smile pen makes it easy to boost your brightness and keep it whiter, longer. 

Ready to say goodbye to yellow teeth and hello to a whiter, brighter smile? Contact the East Grand Forks office of Sublime Aesthetic Professionals, or request an appointment online now to learn more about Liquid Smile!

*Individual results may vary

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