Repair Sun-damaged Skin With DefenAge®

Summer in Minnesota means hot weather and sunshine. Nothing ages your skin faster than the sun. In fact, the sun is responsible for about 80% of the visible signs of aging you notice on your face and skin. 

If you’re tired of seeing sun damage in the mirror as a result of years of summer fun, Angie Bjorgaard, RN, BSN and the care team at Sublime Aesthetic Professionals have a way for you to repair these signs of aging by creating newer, younger skin — revolutionary DefenAge®.  

Backed by science, this cutting-edge, anti-aging system is helping our patients in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, look years younger from the comfort of their own homes. Read on to learn more about DefenAge and how it can help you! 

Why do I have sun-damaged skin?

After the cold Minnesota winters, most of us are ready to feel the warm sun on our skin during the hot summer months. Over time, however, the sun’s rays damage our skin — even with regular sunscreen use. The result? Sunspots, changes in pigmentation, keratoses (raised bumps or rough patches of skin), moles, and wrinkles.   

This is because the ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun cause photoaging or premature aging of the skin. The UV rays break down your skin cells, and your body tries to repair them. Over time, your body runs out of resources to repair the damage, leaving you with spots and other reminders of the sun.  

How does DefenAge repair sun-damaged skin?

The combination of powerful defensins offers the skin rejuvenating rewards of retinals and growth factor-containing cosmeceuticals without the side effects (sun-sensitivity, irritation, inflammation) these products can cause. 

Defensins are regenerative peptides, short chains of amino acids. Scientists discovered specific combinations of certain defensins promote age-correcting repair by your body when combined with specific supporting molecules. The result? Age-Repair DefensinsTM by DefenAge, which studies show promotes a visible reduction in the signs of aging with regular use.  

Using the DefenAge Clinical Power Trio from Sublime Aesthetic Professionals, you’ll notice brighter, younger-looking skin within one week of use. This is because the defensins found in the DefenAge products target sunspots and other signs of aging at the source, promoting new skin growth from the inside out. 

In addition to repairing sun-damaged skin, other DefenAge products from Sublime Aesthetic Professionals can help support improvements to your skin and take years off your face. For example, DefenAge’s Eye Radiance Cream works to preserve the delicate skin around your eyes while the 1-Step Multi-Cleanse solution supports and enhances the rejuvenating effects of the defensins.     

Your provider at Sublime Aesthetic Professionals assesses your skin and reviews your goals to help suggest products and services best-suited for your unique needs. Often a combination of products and treatments provides the best results, and we work with you to ensure you’re happy with the skin you’re in!

If you’re interested in learning how DefenAge can help repair your sun-damaged skin, the team at Sublime Aesthetic Professionals are here to help! Contact the office nearest you, or request an appointment online now! 

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