Say Goodbye to Unsightly Spider Veins Before Summer

You only need to step outdoors to know we’re in the heart of winter in Minnesota. That means it’s the right time to say goodbye to unsightly spider veins before the warmer seasons arrive!

Spider veins are small capillaries that look like twisted red, blue, or purple lines on your skin.  Over 60% of all people develop spider veins at some point, and even though these unsightly lines are typically harmless, that doesn’t mean they can’t negatively impact your life. 

At Sublime Aesthetic Professionals in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, our care team knows spider veins can make you self-conscious — especially during the skin-baring summer months. That’s why our practice is pleased to offer different treatments for eradicating spider veins!

Take a moment to learn how you can say goodbye to spider veins before summer!

Spider veins 101

Your capillaries, the little veins that make up spider veins, work using tiny one-way valves. These valves control blood flow, and when they’re damaged, your blood gets trapped, causing the veins to swell and show through the surface of your skin.

Though anyone can develop spider veins at any age, there are risk factors that increase the odds you’ll get spider veins, including: 

Spider veins also often appear if you have an injury with swelling or if you have a history of blood clots or tumors in the legs. 

Spider vein treatment options

The experienced providers at Sublime Aesthetics Professionals use the combined power of sclerotherapy and Excel VTM laser therapy to treat spider veins. With both options, your spider veins become a thing of the past. 


With sclerotherapy, we inject an irritant directly into your problem veins. This irritating solution makes the walls of the spider veins collapse. Most patients report that the process is overall pain-free, but you may feel a slight itching or faint burning sensation immediately following an injection.  

Spider veins may initially appear swollen or redder for a day or two after treatment. Eventually, however, they die and are flushed from your body. Within months of treatment, your skin will be cleared of the twisted red, purple, or blue lines.       

Excel V laser treatment

When spider veins are too small to treat through sclerotherapy, the pain-free Excel V laser system can destroy them without the risk of harming your skin or surrounding tissue. 

The powerful dual-frequency laser causes the spider veins to collapse without killing nearby veins and tissues. Your body’s natural healing processes then break down and over time remove the targeted spider veins. 

Treating spider veins in winter for summer results

Winter is the perfect season to seek treatment for spider veins. That’s because after most vein treatments, you’ll need to avoid sunlight or other UV rays (e.g., tanning beds). Depending on how many veins you have treated, you may also need to wear compression stockings and/or return for multiple treatments before seeing optimal results.  

Getting your spider veins treated in winter means you have plenty of time for your legs to fully heal and be skin-baring ready before swimsuit season. The team at Sublime Aesthetic Professional offers a full line of aesthetic services, so you can talk to your provider about add-on services that will make this swimsuit season your best.  

Say goodbye to unsightly spider veins now for clearer skin by summer! Contact the East Grand Forks office of Sublime Aesthetic Professionals, or request an appointment online now!

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