What Makes Our Signature Eminence Facial So Special?

If you’ve ever had a facial, you know it can be a beautiful experience. But you also may have noticed that not all facials are the same. That’s because aestheticians vary in their experience and technique, and products matter. 

If you’ve only ever had an at-home facial, you don’t know what you’re missing. A professional facial may feel luxurious, but it’s more than just a luxury — it’s an essential part of your skin care routine.

Our experienced team members at Sublime Aesthetic Professionals are experts in the fields of skin care and beauty, and we’re passionate about creating customized treatments that suit your individual needs and goals. Our approach is personal and focused on caring for you body, mind, and spirit. A perfect way to experience that holistic care is to try our Sublime Signature Eminence Facial.

Why do I need a facial?

You take care of your body on a daily basis by eating healthy foods and exercising, but you also see your doctor for regular wellness exams — just as you brush and floss daily, but still visit your dentist twice a year. Your approach to skin care ought to be the same. You should follow a good daily routine, but still get a professional facial regularly.

Unlike do-it-yourself facials, our expert aestheticians clean deeper, extract and exfoliate safely, and massage carefully with purpose. Professional facials can also address problems like rosacea, acne, blackheads, puffiness, and dull, flaky, dry skin in a way that at-home products can’t.

Reasons the Sublime Signature Eminence Facial is special

All facials cover the basics of cleansing and pampering, but our Sublime Signature Eminence Facial goes beyond that. 

We listen

Your skin care story is different than everyone else’s. No one has your unique skin type, history, problem areas, texture, and tone. That’s why at Sublime Aesthetic Professionals, our philosophy is to listen carefully to your skin care story and create a personalized facial just for you. 

We take into account your wishes and goals and match those perfectly with the right products and techniques to make your skin radiant and healthy.

We cleanse

Before we get down to business, we gently cleanse your face to remove any makeup or surface debris. Sometimes, we may even take this a step further and deep-clean your face with special products to make sure we start with a clean slate.

We evaluate

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it requires knowledgeable care. Our professional aestheticians understand the nuances of skin types and skin conditions and how they respond to various products and modalities. Once your skin is clean, we take a close look, carefully assess your complexion, and formulate a plan just for you.

We exfoliate

Sure, you can buy an over-the-counter exfoliator to use at home, but finding the right product for your face is tricky. Our team can analyze your skin and use just the right ingredients that won’t damage your delicate skin, but will get rid of the dead cells that give your complexion a dull, dry appearance. 

We extract

This may be the most significant difference between a professional and a DIY facial, and the most noticeable difference between our Sublime Signature Eminence Facial and others. The first thing you should know about extractions — otherwise known as pimple popping — is that you should never do it at home. Using your fingers or fingernails to pop zits can cause scarring, infection, and worse acne. 

When our licensed aestheticians extract them, they use sterile instruments that safely eliminate blackheads and whiteheads while preserving your skin.

We massage

Not just any massage will do. Our Sublime Signature Eminence Facial includes a Hungarian massage that uses a very specific and purposeful technique. While it soothes and relaxes you, it also helps detoxify your facial lymphatic system and greatly reduces swelling and puffiness throughout your neck, face, and eyes. 

We masque

As part of our Sublime Signature Eminence Facial, we carefully select a masque according to your specific skin needs. Our professional masques can hydrate, detoxify, firm, restore, exfoliate, and sooth your skin.

We tone and moisturize

Toning after cleansing and exfoliating helps shrink your pores and restores your pH balance. We finish off your facial experience with a soothing moisturizer that hydrates and polishes your skin as it protects it from environmental stressors.

Our Sublime Signature Eminence Facial is more than a way to pamper yourself — it’s a way to care for your skin as you would any other part of your body to keep it healthy, youthful, and vibrant. If you would like to make our Sublime Signature Eminence Facial a part of your regular skin care regimen, call us or request an appointment through this website.

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