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Get A Whiter, Brighter Smile
Liquid Smile is the next best thing to having your dentist whiten your teeth at home. The first and only one of its kind, this professional teeth whitening Grand Forks pen conveniently and effectively whitens your teeth at home for a brighter smile that everyone will notice.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How does Liquid Smile work?
Powerful hydrogen peroxide (H202) molecules remove stain molecules through the whitening action of activated oxygen (O2). The O2 molecules remove color molecules of stain from your teeth, making them whiter. Most of the gel’s whitening activity is finished in 15 minutes.

How do you apply it?
Liquid Smile takes less than a minute to apply, and there’s no tray or strip to wear. It’s painless. Just paint on the gel and go to bed.

What are the results?
Most people will notice a shade change within two or three nights and can expect their teeth to be up to five times whiter in as little as two weeks. The process depends on the initial color of your teeth. Brown and yellow teeth are easier to whiten than gray or black teeth. Most people re-whiten their teeth every six months.*

*Results will vary in each individual.

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